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    Sustainable business is at the core of the fairgourmet corporate philosophy, and Central Germany’s most productive and efficient caterer attaches enormous value to local, fairly traded and organic products.

    fairgourmet places great importance on an ongoing collaboration with producers and suppliers from the local area. This not only strengthens local businesses but also avoids long-haul transport. A speciality of fairgourmet is to use locally grown fruit to produce a range of home-made delicacies. When buying in products that are not available locally, we remain mindful of fair-trade issues.


    fairgourmet serves only organic coffee with a fair trade seal. This is coffee that has successfully passed organic certification and carries the organic seal as proof that the coffee beans have been sourced from organic farms and are processed according to applicable regulations. These regulations are checked on an ongoing basis while fairgourmet staff are trained in handling organic products.

    For events where practical considerations prohibit the use of reusable tableware - for example for public events with lots of take-away fare - guests are served food and drink using environmentally friendly biodegradable tableware. Cups for hot and cold drinks as well as cutlery are all made of cellulose, cartons and soup bowls from sugar cane waste, while salad bowls are made from transparent biodegradable plastic, also known as PLA.



    fairgourmet GmbH

    Phone: +49 (0) 341 / 678 70 00
    Fax: +49 (0) 341 / 678 70 02

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